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The History of Advanced Dynamics 

In 2016, Advanced Dynamics opened their corporate headquarters in Michigan with 4 employees, 3 clients, and no revenue. Today, the firm has 22 employees in 3 offices in Michigan, Florida, and Dallas and has over 100 repeat clients throughout the United States. Advanced Dynamics grew brick by brick, building the business one by one via delivering every single time on their clients most challenging searches and most valuable requirements. Every search is custom. Every search is challenging. Many of the searches take weeks. There may be only a handful of qualified people in the United States. Capturing A+ Players from our client’s competition is where we excel.


Indeed, so focused is Advanced Dynamics on supporting their customers that a decent web site was not built until 2023.  Advertising ?  Advanced Dynamics does not advertise our positions because it does not work. We have no interest in recruiting the three U’s for our clients via advertising:   unqualified, unhappy, or unemployed people.


We recruit game changers: Account Managers who bring in $600 Million books of business in which a Plant is built due to the revenue and 300 people are hired. $250,000 Attorneys who bill $800,000 annually and lead a staff of 4. $175,000 Mexico Plant Managers in the same product niche after our Competition failed in the search for a year.   


These are all real world, successful searches recently completed.


The secret sauce is the ability to influence people. Executive Recruiting does not work by e-mail. Executive Recruiting does not work via texting. The great Engineer, V.P. of Sales, Accountant, Attorney, or Scientist who is working at the competitor will not answer an e-mail or a text.   He or she is not sure if they are interested. The key skill is: The ability to turn a No or a maybe into a Yes. Rigorous training in how to speak to people properly, how to draw out an honest discussion of their duties and responsibilities, motivation, financial particulars: this is done successfully only via hard core research, intimate discussion and interview, and influencing great people to make good decisions.  


Hard work, tenacity, and the courage to ask difficult questions yields superior candidates. Honest feedback to clients of precisely what the candidate says gains loyalty and repeat business. Deep knowledge and discussion of the client company, an eye for thorny issues and problems that a good candidate describes in their chosen field, and ensuring proper motivation - i.e: candidates not primarily driven by money – are integral to Advanced Dynamics’s recruiting model.  


Executive Recruiting, in its barest form, has no processes.  It is a paper chase. Sheer chaos. Therefore: Success is achieved only via unique, proven processes. Advanced Dynamics’ secret sauce is their specific 12 step production process which is followed every single time. The entire process is based on President Jeff Davis’s 35 Years of Executive Recruiting and teaching experience. Jeff learned the hard way:  by mistakes for the first 10-15 years. Today, Advanced Dynamics’ ratios of send out to interview, interview to 2nd interview, 2nd interview to close are all the highest in the industry.   


Summarily, every search begins with 100 candidates. Advanced Dynamics interviews 40. The client interviews only the 2 or 3 best of the best. The hard work, interviews, weeding out, and drilling in on the particulars has been completed up front. The result is Great Success:  a new and better opportunity for the candidate which is ideally a career advancement and an experienced professional landed by a happy client which upgrades and advances our client’s business.

Jeff Davis

Founder & President

Automotive Dynamics Corp.

Advanced Automation LLC

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